The Key to a Successful Roof Coating

Successful Roof Coating1

It is essential to select a good quality roof coating, without the correct materials your commercial roof will not work the way it is supposed to. It is vital for you to select the right roof coating system to meet your building’s specific needs.

For many homeowners it’s a welcome alternative to the relatively costly new roofing, mentioned questions below.

• When does a roof coating make sense?
• Does it extend the lifespan of a roof when you seal the roof like this, or is it a purely cosmetic procedure?
• What is the cost of a roof coating?

Benefits of Roof Coating

• Hurricane Protection
• Prevents roof leaks
• Extends your roof’s life
• Defense against the growth of algae & moss
• Works in conjunction with solar panels
• Reduces your energy bills
• Insulates your home reducing heat loss
• Increases your property value
• Stronger than a new roof

The Key to a Successful Roof Coating

Why use advanced roof waterproof coatings

Like Smart Shield?

First of all the question arises as to what should be the aim of a roof coating, all the new roofing systems today have pre-sealed but just in the matter of a few years, this Factory Glazing dissolves due to the weather the roof tiles become porous, especially if you regularly clean the roof tiles.

The goal is to seal any porosity permanently so that the roof is completely weatherproof therefore neither the Suns UV, dirt or water can penetrate it. The Original Liquid Applied Rubber System extends your roofs life on average by ten years. Many colors are available, our Smart Shield darker roof Colors Line is 20 % Cooler than the typical roof coating products so the temperature of the building can be changed substantially. Roof sealing is a more cost-effective process compared to new roofing: on average it costs half or less than half the cost of traditional roof replacements to Completely Restore your roof our Products literally start Paying for themselves the moment their installed.

Roof coating Process

Our process follows a set pattern, before any roof work begins our Installation specialist will check the roof for any existing damage by utilizing the Manufactures roof inspection product guidelines.

Particular attention is paid to lose or damaged roof materials, sheathing or the roofing surface substrates. Any structural repairs must be undertaken first, then the roof cleaning is done with chemical low pressure washing equipment, this measure will remove existing moss on the roof but will not damage it, followed by the priming of the roof to create an adhesive layer for the actual Top Liquid Rubber coating which is subsequently applied. Note: Depending upon the Roof Coating System selected a monolithic Layer may be added.

The Key to a Successful Roof Coating - bestroofpaint

Our Roof Shield System Coating Tip

1) Weather Matters
Before starting any roof coating application make sure rain is not in your local forecast, also the temperature should not be below 50 degree since curing process of the roof coating can be affected by lower temperatures or higher than usual humidity.

2) Don’t forget to Inspect
Don’t forget to inspect your roof, always have your roof checked thoroughly to be sure it hasn’t deteriorated underneath the substrate, if so those areas need to be addressed and secured before commencement of the coating installation.

3) Roof Repairs
Repair any splits, Reattach any loose screws, tile, Built up Materials and patch any holes.


The mechanical benefit and the feasibility of Our Roof Restorative Coating System retrofits must always be assessed on an individual basis and any required roof repair work should always be undertaken by a licensed and professional roof repair Contractor.

Our Roof Coating Services and products are proven to protect and preserve the liquidity of your Investment, Call us today for your Free Roof Evaluation.

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  1. EPDM Liquid Rubber Roof oating is the only roofing material which waterproofs directly upon application. Even if it rains, it will not hurt the product. Curing continues when the water evaporates off the newly applied coatings. Liquid EPDM handles temperature swings efficiently. With over a 25-year history of success, Liquid Rubber has proven to be an outstanding roof coating/sealant worldwide.

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