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Roof Shield Coating Testimonials

Palm Beach County Roof References

Miami Dade County Roof References


Broward County Weatherproof Roof References

Flat Cement Tile Roofs & Flat Decks




Don Godshall

5651 Thornbluff Ave.
Davie, FL 33331
(305) 664-9663

I had to either replace the roof or seal it, I decided to use the Roof Shield roof paint sealant system, During hurricane Wilma my neighbors tiles were hitting my house so the next morning after the storm passed we went outside to see what happened, our roof was still perfect.
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Mr. Dale King

2001 NE 21st Ave
Ft Lauderdale, FL

(954) 564-7151
Original roof coating was installed 1995, resealed in 2002, my roof went through several storms without leaks due to hurricane damage, I could not be more pleased with your process.


George Figler

Ft Lauderdale, FL

General Contractor for Muvico Company
1628 NE 7th Place

(954) 557-1617

Installed roof system 2002 I was looking to reroof or get a new replacement roof in Ft Lauderdale, fortunately I found the rubber roof coating that could seal the roof and protect it, Wilma damaged several roofs up and down our street, my roof was intact and is still doing the job that was guaranteed.

Jim Simpson

1341 SE 5th Ave
Pompano Beach, FL
(954) 415-4064

The roof was repaired and the roof coating was reinstalled in 2000.Thankyou for doing a good job on my roof, it did not leak again after your treatment and I noticed I was the only house on my street that did not havet missing or broken tile from Katrina and then again after Wilma


Lora Huntington

1040 sw 1st Terrace

Boca Raton




Rodney Harris

2516 ne 19th ave

Wilton Manners



Hung Kan Caeung

2726 NE 27th Ave
Lighthouse Point, FL
(954) 783- 2388
(954) 646-3012

Stopped roof leaks, protected my roof, just resealed 2009 and looks like the day they did it. If you need me as a reference just give the address and they can drive by and see for themselves


Russ Deanna

10001 N.W. 11th Manor
Coral Springs Fl  33065
(954) 328-8535

Originally installed in 2001
Color " Cream Tope" stills looks great even after all the storms not a leak or cracked tile, your Roof Shield system was re insured with Citizens after Wilma with no problem.



Mr. Dupuis

9311 NW 43rd Manor
Sunrise, FL
(954) 749-3445

We either had to reroof or get a replacement I decided to waterproof my cement tile with the Roof Shield System in 2002, glad that my wife insisted that we get it done it really saved us from the hassel of having to get it fixed again.


George Donoso

9957 NW 11th manner

Coral Springs Fl
(954) 341-1040

Joyce Aurano

7231 Tropical Way

Plantation Fl


 Lee Sealey

4620 nw 47th Court

Tamarac Fl,



Haunz Reiter

6321 West Broward Blvd
Plantation, FL
(954) 321-0739

Hurricane Wilma knocked down some large trees onto our roof, we had to have a crane remove one of them they said it weighed over 2 tons. Inspite of the enormous impact of the trees to our amazement we did not have any leaks.



Scott Zimmerman

5046 SW 93rd Avenue
Cooper City, FL 33328

The outcome was phenomenal, not only did I survive to direct hits from Hurricane Katrina and Wilma I did not loose a tile or have a leak
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Barrel Tile Roof Weatherproof References

Mr. Leo Kerp

1220 Middle River Dr
Ft Lauderdale Fl
(954) 566-4523

I needed to repair the roof to
stop the leak I called a few roof contractor in Ft Lauderdale to get a roof replacement. First of all your company was the only one that was willing to gaurantee the product and the labor so I decided to apply the roof waterproofing in 2003 intead of a complete roof replacement, then in the 2004 the hurricanes kept coming through here and each instance your Roof Shield System held.
Color "mauve terra cotta"



Mr. Wittie

511 N.E. 10th Ave
Ft Lauderdale
Our roof system stopped the roof leaks intially and saved on my electric bills.  Since my roof coating was installed in 2001 I was confident that it would hold up if a storm came, well after Wilma I could not see any significant damage after the storm unlike my neighbors who had missing tile all over the place,I must say I was very happy with the results.



Teresa Belt

360 Delaware Ave.
Ft Lauderdale

Color "traditional terra cotta"

Dennis Gallo

Two story Rental building
4553 Bogenvilla Lauderdale by the sea




Sigfredo Martinez

232 NE 22nd St.
Wilton Manors FL.

Installed in 2003, Roof Shield protected us!
, no damage, no leaks as yet even after the hurricanes, thanks again Anthony
Color "red terra cotta"



Larry Smith

2341 NE 19 Ave Wilton Manor, Fl.
Color red terra cotta"
transferred warranty to new homeowner




Frank Mather

2509 NE 21 St
Ft Lauderdale Fl

property sold, transferred warranty
estored sealed and protected my roof from real hurricanes. Installed 2003


Shingle Roofs

Paul Cipolline

3101S.W. 18th St Davie Fl

protected my roof
helped to acquire refinancing and
homeowners windstorm insurance  installed 2004 read on...



Angela Glad

1344 West River Dr.Pompano Beach
Your workers really waterproofed and repaired my roof, the sealant is fine even though the storms broke everything else around here
1200 sq ft shingle and 800 sq ft flat deck,
installed 2003



Gregg Roberti

3340 north 72nd Terrace
Hollywood Florida
(954) 491-8996-EXT 209
home (954) 435-6791

Roof Shield sealed my shingle roof tiles, saved my roof tiles from flying off, put a stop to the roof leaks permanently and seeing my neighbors shingles all over my yard made me grateful.
installed 2003
2000 sq ft shingle roof tile




Linda Spade

4140 SW 56th Ave, Davie Fl.
(954) 609-4890

my waterproofed roof was just put on before Wilma it survived the storms the Roof Shield System was installed 2004.

2000' sq ft shingle roof tile

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Lilly Ray

101 Kings Way
Royal Palm Beach, FL
(561) 204-5638

installed 03
I Survived the storm I need you to bring me some of your business cards,my husband took these photos for our insurance when we realized we didnt have any damage and everyone around here was asking us what we did to our roof thankyou Anthony.

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Carol Smit

4200 nw 12th street Cocunut Creek

954 973-0436


 Ruth Hancox

960 Pennslyvania ave

Ft Lauderdale Fl



John Koffler

7500 nw 44th ave Coral Springs Fl.



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