# Our firm is Broward County Licensed, Bonded and Insured To Paint and Coat Roofs, Walls and buldings interior and exterior up to 3 storys

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Our in house painting contracting service is Broward County licensed, insured and A+ BBB Rated since 1994. Our service includes painting roofs and walls up to 3 storys. We co-manufacture specialized high performance paint products for all types of residential and commercial propertys.

A+ bbb Rated since 1994 Celebrating our 24th year in 2018

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Here in Florida, the BestRoofPaint.com are leading the roof painting industry. We strive to bring you the absolute best service, product, and results, all at the lowest rates.

Roof Tile Coating

Our firm is Broward County Licensed & provide services all across Florida. We deal in professional roofing services including RV rubber roof coating, elastomeric roof coatings, flat roof coating, and commercial roof coatings. Whether you are in need of a roofing paint contractor in Florida to paint on your home, office, guest-house, or an apartment's roofing we have a team of experts to lend our advanced weatherproof roofing solutions and skills to help make the process stress-free, simple, and affordable.

Roof Tile Coating

Our Liquid Rubber is manufactured locally in Florida and was originally designed to be applied to virtually any type of roof or wall structure. With our high-quality rubber roofing material, waterproof wood sealer, rubber roof paint and many more to protect your shelter from a single drop of water, you will literally be saving thousands on unnecessary roof replacements and roof repairs.

At bestroofpaint.com, we ensure that your project is completed in a timely fashion! whether it is a large restoration project or just a small garage waterproofing project, with the prices offered being the best in the whole of Florida. In fact, we can guarantee it! We are a fully licensed and insured restoration company and take a lot of pride in having earned the respect of property owners, managers and staff alike.

Our rubber roof leak repair products and rubber roof supplies are designed for roof top services and can be spray paint in-place for rubber seal, many roof leak repair contractors use our products to resolve complex roof leak repair


Check with the coating manufacturer who may be able to suggest applicators that have used their products and have familiarity with the application. Another option would be to interview contractors and ask specific questions about their proven ability to install roof coatings.
Almost all types of roofs can be coated. Some examples include metal, spray polyurethane, single-ply, modified bitumen, Built-up roof (BUR) systems, etc. Without special treatments, ballasted and gravel surfaced membranes are not typically acceptable roof surfaces for coating membranes. Best Roof Paint ensures prior to the work that the surface should be stable.
Oftenly coating can be applied by using a brush, roller, and spray.
The roof must be thoroughly cleaned, and allowed to dry thoroughly. This is a critical step to ensure a successful coating application. Be careful not to damage the lap seams. Care should be taken when pressure washing not to disturb the integrity of the underlying roof membrane, particularly where there are adhered seams. Refer to the specific coating manufacturer you are using for their specific requirements for roof preparation.
A primer is no substitute for thorough cleaning, which is mandatory. Primers are useful for etching (metal) as well, sealing tar resin bleed out (tar patches/asphalt/BUR), most importantly primers improve adhesion (mandatory for EPDM and TPO).

***Scoll down to see our videos and before and after photos of residential roof tiles completely sealed and restored.
The Strongest roof coating manufactured anywhere, Ours is 1350 psi, the others maybe 300 psi...



Check the manufactures products perfomance sheets resistance data to ponding water before you purchase, this is the area were the rubber meets the road, the litmus test of the integrity of the coating and its ability to really weatherproof anything. Some popular "Named Brands" have got into this nitch aspect below here

LIMITATIONS: ALL of these " Not for use under heavy ponding water, below grade applications."


Before maintenance restoration simply purchase our pemium high performance roof paint,wall coatings or sealer products for your residential cement tile roof walls or flat decks..

The Original Liquid Rubber Roof Shield is the only coating Dade County uplift pull tested! Our Products are really Strong

Wind Resistance Rating Tech Data (Florida Code TAS-106)
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